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Note: The first chapter of the series will be available for free. This itch.io Beta build currently includes the first 1/3 of the first chapter, and about 1/12 of the complete game. 

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Your planet is suffering from Overpopulation. An ever-growing pain that is dooming the survival of your own people. Solutions must be found. You must travel in space in search of an habitable planet.

The Grand Block Odyssey is a story-rich block-pushing puzzle game set in a Sci-Fi Universe. Your destination is the mysterious planet Hope 9. But as you get closer to your target, hallucinations are appearing in the form of blocks around your spaceship. You become obsessed at solving those puzzles. You have to push the blocks and they won't stop until they hit an obstacle.

The nature of these blocks keeps changing. The puzzles gets increasingly complex as you progress through the game and discover new areas. Explore mystery through Space, Hope 9 and your own mind as you solve puzzles. Uncover your darkest secrets and the mysterious planet's story.

Features (in the final game)

  • Push blocks on switches to solve over 150 puzzles
  • Once you push a block, they slide until they hit a wall or any obstacle
  • The game is split in 4 chapters, which are subsequently split into 3 sections each
  • Every new section of the game introduces a new mechanic over the regular block mechanic
  • Experience a rich story with cut scenes, codex entries and more!


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Version 4


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Hey!  Was fun to meat you at Comic Con Montreal.   Love the concept.

Glad you stopped by and enjoyed it!

Just finished all the available levels.  Very nice!   Unfortunatly I need to upgrade GPU ;(   but I did manage to get it to run with a Radeon HD 5450.   I'm spreading the word and wish you all the best.  

Thanks for reporting and congrats on finishing it all! I'll be doing more optimization prior to release, but will keep the HD 5450 as a reference for the future.

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Really fun game would recommend this to anyone!


Looks promising!


probably the best puzzle game I played. You need to try this now!